P.O. Box 353, Danbury, NC 27016

Pilot Mountain License Plate Application

Pilot Mountain License Plate Application

Members of the Pilot Mountain Community are working with Friends of the Sauratown Mountains to create this specialty license plate for 2022.

Forsyth Family Magazine has written a wonderful article about our project in the November 2021 issue. Please check it out and then help us reach our 300 goal. Pilot Mountain, a Specialized License Plate Project

Thank you for supporting this project. The Pilot Mountain License Plate will generate a stream of income for Friends to be used for projects not covered by by the State at Pilot Mountain State Park. In order to obtain the approval, the Pilot Mountain community and the Friends must collect 300 applications with payment for submission to the DMV.

To support this project you need to complete the application (link to download the pdf at top of page). Write a check for $30 made payable to Friends of Sauratown Mountains and date it January 1, 2022. You will also need to pay your normal plate fees at the time of renewal. Twenty dollars of the $30 fee will go towards work at Pilot Mountain State Park by Friends of Sauratown Mountains.

There are several ways to get the completed form to us. The application plus your check may be returned to Pilot Mountain Town Hall or mailed to Friends of Sauratown Mountains at P.O. Box 353 Danbury, NC 27016.

If approved the first plates will probably start being issued June 2022 at the earliest. We did not get 300 applications by February 2021 so we will continue accepting applications for submission for February 2022.

If you have questions please call Ann Anderson at 336-978-2049 or Debbie Vaden at 619-987-6257.