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Vade Mecum

Vade Mecum

Vade Mecum Hotel circa 1902

Vade Mecum is an integral piece of the history of the area surrounding the Sauratown Mountains. Beginning in the mid 1800’s and lasting through the second decade of the 20th century, there were three major mineral Spring Resorts near Hanging Rock State Park. The last one standing is one of the hotels that was built at Vade Mecum. While Moore Springs Resort, and Piedmont Springs Resort are long gone, the 1902 hotel at Vade Mecum is still standing and is in remarkable condition! This is because it has been in continual use up until 2014, at which time the property was transferred to Hanging Rock State Park.

Not only is the old hotel still on the property, but also standing are a 1929 Olympic Swimming Pool, various cabins some of which date to the 1930’s, a huge auditorium with a stage from 1929, a stone episcopal chapel begun in 1939, the Mineral Spring house, and various other buildings including a horse barn. The Friends of Sauratown Mountains opens the property the first weekend of every month from April to November. As well, the gorgeous property can be rented out for weddings, reunions, family retreats, company parties birthday parties and so on. It is a stunning Event Venue.

We invite you to come the first full weekend of any month ( April – November) and take our historical tour, walk the trails, see the old dam with its beautiful buttresses intact, and walk down a lovely trail to the Mineral Spring itself. Our Facebook page always keeps updated information on this vital piece of Sauratown history.